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  • Fakir Hossain 10:00 am on May 6, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Fakir Hossain’s Tidbit 

    With rich intellectual abilities and skills, Fakir Hossain has a scintillating personality that is able to mark himself prominently from his competitors. Also having a constructive attitude, Fakir takes up challenges positively. He is a trailblazer of IT industry and has proved himself distinctly by opening up a variety of new line of research. In some of the recent years, Fakir has come to the fore as a globally famed business magnate by commencing several education institutions in different parts of the world. His blinding performance and constructive attitude has worked well in earning immense power and cachet. Fakir Hossain today even being at the helm of success in every way strives on a continued basis to take his glory to next higher level.
    Fakir Hossain
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    Fakir Hossain’s Cerebral Activities 

    Fakir Hossain an ace in multiple professional domains viz. Information Technology, Travel Industry, Group Purchasing, Defense Industry, and Manufacturing Industry has been witnessing furtherance in his professional career from the early commencement. His ripe expertise and decades of experience in different professional sectors distinctly mark him from his peers. Also Mr. Fakir’s idiot-proof techniques to carry out the professions has helped him achieve great power and cachet; suffice to say Mr. Fakir Hossain is a jack of all trades. Fakir does not believe in resting on his oars but consistently assay to achieve success of higher levels.

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    Fakir Hossain

  • Fakir Hossain 10:24 am on April 30, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Fakir Hossain’s Professional Mind-set 

    Fakir Hossain is a conscientious industrialist with his business setups strewn across in a variety of global locations. Fakir has a wealth of skills and talents in a broad range of education disciplines and professional industries. With said that, it is evident that Fakir has a scintillating personality and the trait about being superbly knowledgeable about different traits has been hospitable for his business growth. Also, he is quite hospitable to cutting-edge philosophical views and deploys the ideas while carrying out a job helps him open up back-to-back innovative opportunities in his professional stint. Fakir is not among the individuals who rest on his laurels but consistently work to achieve potential new goals. Fakir Hossain is on the whole a man of parts for whom success has been shining through end to end of his professional career since ever.
    Fakir Hossain
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    Fakir Hossain’s Versatility 

    Fakir Hossain has been a vital and charismatic leader of the IT, Travel Group Purchasing and various other influential industries and has opened up a variety of opportunities them for the aspirants interested in each one of them. Fakir Hossain’s professional career is also always at the height of bloom because of his acute intellectual abilities in every professional front he is knowledgeable about. Being a recognized business magnate at present, Fakir Hossain has maneuvered himself into the ownership of Eden College in Dublin, Ireland and London, England and other education structure strewn across various other countries of the world. His constructive attitude and well-mannered panache has enamored the hearts of a host of people around the world. Today even while Mr. Hossain is at the height of fame and recognition, he works tirelessly to achieve the potential goals of his professional life, a trait that marks him distinctly from his peers.
    Fakir Hossain
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    Fakir Hossain’s Brainpower 

    Fakir Hossain, a big and recognized player in the industry of Information Technology, is hospitable to cutting-edge notions and innovations. Professionally, he is a business mogul and owner of various recognized international colleges and universities. He keeps to revving up the business fronts without an end. He is earnest in his efforts and follows a critical attitude which is the secret to his mushrooming success in the industries he deals in. Fakir Hossain has made a mark for his intellectual abilities and the fashion he operates his businesses.

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    Fakir Hossain

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    Fakir Hossain’s Intellectual Abilities and Professional life 

    Fakir Hossain, looked upon a wizard in a range of scholastic disciplines and professional domains, is a vital and magnetic personality who is native to Bangladesh. Although he has rich background in various disciplines yet Hossain is often associated with IT industry because of his special penchant to it and during his stint in the past; Fakir has been prized for his exceptional creativity and expertise level, which evidently marked him from his peers. 
     Fakir Hossain
    Fakir Hossain is an aspiring guy who strives to give a further step-up to his career, which is already at the height of bloom, on a back-to-back basis and his special brainpower to set himself apart from others is the constructive trait that pushes him to do something outstanding always. Fakir, on a professional basis, is presently the owner of various recognized colleges and universities in the world and they all are on the bloom.
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    Fakir Hossain – A Jack of All Trades 

    Fakir Hossain, the owner of various Eden Colleges in different countries, is guessed to be a native to Bangladesh and a magnate of various booming businesses. Fakir 35+, a man of parts, presently resides in Finglas, Ireland with his wife and children. In an effort to distinguish himself from the competitors, Mr. Fakir seems to have no ending to excel in his professional life as a result of which the great industrialist has been able to mark a record in the industry he deals in.
    Concerning education background, Fakir Hossain is endowed with a variety of recognized degrees in Bachelors and Masters from different university of the world, although he is guessed to have done his Masters’ from the well-recognized Dublin University of Ireland. During his previous scholastic stint, he has been feted with different prized awards and honours by McMurry University, Texas and US Air Force Department. Suffice to say, Fakir Hossain is a Jack-Of-All-Trades.

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    The Highlights of Fakir Hossain’s Professional and Scholastic Life 

    Fakir Hossain with rock-hard background in IT Industry, Travel Industry, Group Purchasing Industry, Manufacturing Industry and Defence Industry is an award-winning polymath and successful business tycoon. He is, as a matter of fact, the proud owner of the famous prestigious Eden College International London. The magnate is reckoned to have a few other colleges bearing the name Eden College in a variety of other international countries like South African, Ireland etc.  
     Fakir Hossain Eden College
    Mr. Fakir is thoroughly a big wheel who seems to hail from Bangladesh, his motherland for whom success keeps to shining through his professional stint. He has earned his Master’s Degree from the Dublin University. Fakir Hossain at present lives in Finglas, Ireland with his wife and four children. He strives tirelessly to earn a next level of competitive edge in the industry through his painstaking efforts. 
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    King’s College London, UK 

    Fakir Hossain

    King’s College London is one of the top 20 universities in the world (2014/15 QS World University Rankings), The Sunday Times ‘University of the Year 2010/11’ and the fourth oldest in England. A research-led university based in the heart of London, King’s has nearly 23,000 students (of whom more than 8,600 are graduate students) from nearly 140 countries, and some 5,500 employees.

    King’s has an outstanding reputation for providing world-class teaching and cutting-edge research. In the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise for British universities, 23 departments were ranked in the top quartile of British universities; over half of our academic staff works in departments that are in the top 10 per cent in the UK in their field and can thus be classed as world leading. The College is in the top seven UK universities for research earnings and has an overall annual income of nearly £450 million.

    Why study with King’s?

    King’s offers a wide range of courses, covering a range of traditional core subjects and innovative new studies. Students are inspired and intellectually stimulated by studying with some of the world’s leading researchers and academics who are pushing the boundaries of knowledge. King’s is home to students from all over the world, with almost every country, ethnic and cultural group represented. As part of this diverse student body you will be able to mix with people from many different backgrounds and cultures.

    King’s offers additional study options such as study abroad, language programme, work experience, internships, continued professional development (CPD) short-courses, summer school and the unique Associate of King’s College London (AKC) qualification.

    Teaching Standards
    •    Excellent teaching staff, active in research, bringing their cutting-edge thinking into the classroom.
    •    Strong commitment and investment in educational technology.
    •    A rigorous and challenging academic environment, supported by a tradition of caring reaching back 180 years.

    Research Standards
    •    One of the UK’s top universities for research earnings, with income from grants and contract of around £154 million each year.
    •    King’s has five Medical Research Council centers.
    •    60% of research activity at King’s has been deemed 4* and 3*, meaning that this is regarded as world-leading or internationally excellent. In total 91% of research activity entered is internationally recognized.

    Student Facilities
    •   Library Services and IT Services are two departments at King’s that work together to provide students with the information resources, software applications and the support they need to work effectively throughout their academic career.
    •    Libraries and IT resources are available at each campus.
    •   Access to huge multi-disciplinary information resource base, including over a million books and thousands of journals.
    •  A multi-million-pound investment has been made to achieve a state-of-the-art ‘virtual campus’ that supports mobility and enables reliable 24/7 access.

    About the Author: Fakir Hossain (Fakir Mohammad Zakir Hossain) seems to have a neat and rich education background in a variety of disciplines. He is armed with broad range of scholastic degrees received from different well-recognized universities of the world, which directs to the fact that he is a piece of work and versatile person. Professionally, he is the owner of Eden College and several other international businesses going on and on.

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    Top 5 Star Hotels in London 

    The United Kingdom is home to a wide variety of luxury 5 star hotels with most located in its world famous capital, London. London also plays host to some of the top luxury travel brands, including world famous airlines, luxury chauffeur services and a wide variety of luxury travel accessory tips.

    5 Star Hotels in London:-

    Fakir Hossain1. The Ritz, Piccadilly – The Ritz London is an iconic 5 star hotel located in Piccadilly with an impressive 133 rooms. Its reputation extends to the four corners of the world thanks to the industry leading service it provides.

    Fakir Hossain london 2. The Dorchester, Mayfair – The Dorchester sits in the middle of Mayfair in Central London and boasts renowned Michelin starred restaurants and bars such as Alain Ducasse and China Tang on site where the finest dining and drinks are to be savored.

    Fakir Hossain 3. The Savoy, Westminster – The Savoy is located in Westminster and was opened in 1889. The front entrance stands out as one of the most striking features in this 5 star hotel, as well as the range of famous bars that accompany this classic accommodation.

    Fakir Hossain Eden College 4. The Lanesborough, Knights bridge – The Lanesborough is a central London hotel located in Knights bridge. It offers the most expensive hotel suite in London “The Lanesborough Suite” which costs a cool £18000 per night! Included of course is a private butler, a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce as well as various other complimentary benefits.

    Fakir Hossain Eden College5. Brown’s Hotel, Mayfair – Of many five star hotels in Mayfair, the Rocco Forte owned Brown’s Hotel stands out as it was the first every hotel opened in London. The level of uniqueness in every room and suite has drawn major political figures and authors such as Rudyard Kipling back to this luxury hotel each time he visited the area.

    Fakir Hossain6. The Goring, Westminster – The Goring was opened over 100 years ago and was the first hotel in the world that had a bathroom and central heating in every room; they have since come a long way! Nowadays, the hotel houses guests like the Royal family who stayed at The Goring in the build up to the Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011.

    Fakir Hossain Eden college7. The Milestone, Kensington – Situated in the affluent area of Kensington, The Milestone is a Grade II listed building which was originally built in the 17th century. With 57 rooms and suites and incredible views of Kensington Palace and Gardens, The Milestone, is ranked as one of the best 5 star hotels in the capital and provides 24 hour butler service for all guests.

    About the Author: Fakir Hossain (Fakir Mohammad Zakir Hossain) is a software developer in London. Professionally, he is the owner of Eden College based in Durban and several other international businesses going on and on.
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