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    Eden College – “Fakir Hossain” Explains How to Optimize SQL Database 

    LINK TO THE FULL POST:  http://bit.ly/1LuovMX

    1. Be careful when designing the database schema

    The size of a database is defined by the number of entries you have stored by the size of a row, so you need to look to the size of an input as low as possible. This is where the data type of each column comes into play.

    It is advisable to look for the type of data that best suits the information is stored. It makes no sense to use a TEXT type for storing a simple postcode, since in this case we will always have 5 digits, and with a type of char (5) data could save a large number of bytes.

    2. Partition Tables

    In many cases, design tables where much information is stored but at the moment of truth only use some data assiduously. In these cases, it is best to divide the table into two: in the information we used, while in the other the rest of the information will be stored.
    Eden College's Fakir Hossain Explains How to Optimize SQL Database
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    Fakir Hossain- An IT Erudite 

    Fakir Hossain is looked upon a mammoth player of the IT industry who is celebrated with great esteem and recognition all over the world. He is a brainy person with great know-how and experience in diversity of pedagogic and academic domains.  Fakir is replete with great scholarly aptitude that has made influential contributions in to the software development domain over the past years. Fakir Hossain is a mastermind person who can deliver best picture perfect and effective results within limited period. Success has been shining through him for a long time and yet he does not believe in relying on the achievements he made in the past and he is still making sincere efforts to attain the goal of next advanced level.
    Fakir Hossain Eden College
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    Fakir Hossain- An IT Ace Possessing Mighty Power and Cachet 

    Fakir Hossain, a maven in the IT industry is a piece of work who has made diverse monumental contributions in the field to earn a covetous competitive edge. In the time what went before, he was responsible for comprehensive delivery of the wide-ranging web applications generated in the house. Fakir, by the way, is a smart and old hand personality with longstanding know-how and experience in Software Development.
    Fakir Hossain

    At present, he is the owner of various large-sized colleges and universities scattered in the world and running successfully like a shot. Most prominently, Eden College in London running under the tutelage of Mr. Fakir is a magnet for lots of worldwide students who have been studying a variety of subjects there.

    Fakir Hossain has been in the limelight over the years as a result of his ironclad willpower, advanced knowledge and confidence to achieve the goal. Even today, while success is at the height of bloom, he seems to be satisfied with distinction and achievements he won in the past and ceases to strive and he still keeps to working time after time endlessly.

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    Fakir Hossain – A Big Wheel of the IT Industry 

    Fakir Hossain is a veteran business personality with rock-hard experience and knowledge in Software development. He can be a reckoned as a kingpin of the IT industry and he has made immense back-to-back contributions in the development. His global businesses, which largely rely on providing education, are Eden colleges and universities fly higher and let his fame and recognition to rev up. He is an experienced entity encompassing unusual talent, which resides within him. Fakir Hossain is able to earn immense power and cachet because of his superior knowledge, experience and rock-hard determination to achieve the goal and tireless industriousness. Even while he is at the pinnacle of success, he does not seem to rest on his laurels but keep to working consistently without an end.
     Fakir Hossain Eden College
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    Fakir Hossain- A Person of Intellectual Erudition 

    Fakir Hossain is a famous highbrow hailing from Bangladesh with experience and know-how in a wide range of disciplines and industries, which has proven hospitable for the development of the businesses he has been dealing in for a long time. He is a high flier of the Information Technology (IT) sector and during the tenure, he is credited to have designed and developed ColdFusion software now widely used in the Telecommunications Industry. Fakir Hossain is an award-winning celebrity and he is celebrated with immense fame and glory. He was responsible for the overall delivery of the web applications produced in house. McMurry University and US Air Force have feted fakir with special awards/honors for maximizing his special role in the two different sectors.
    Fakir Hossain Eden College
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    Fakir Hossain’s Diligent Efforts 

    Fakir Hossain is an upright industrialist with his business setups strewn crosswise over in an assortment of worldwide areas. Fakir has an abundance of aptitudes and gifts in an expansive scope of instruction orders and expert commercial ventures. With this in mind, it is apparent that Fakir has a glimmering identity and the characteristic about being brilliantly proficient about distinctive qualities has been hopeful for his business development. Likewise, he is very affable to bleeding edge philosophical perspectives and sends the thoughts while doing some work helps him open up consecutive creative open doors in his expert stretch. Fakir Hossain is not among the people who rest on the achievements they have made yet consistently work to accomplish potential new objectives. Mr. Hossain is in general a man of parts for whom achievement has been radiating through end to end of his expert profession since ever.
    Fakir Hossain Eden College
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    Fakir Hossain’s Industriousness 

    Fakir Hossain has been a key and attractive pioneer of the IT, Travel Group Purchasing and different other compelling commercial enterprises and has opened up a mixture of chances them for the applicants intrigued by every one of them. Fakir Hossain’s expert vocation is likewise dependably at the stature of sprout due to his intense scholarly capacities in every expert front he is proficient about. Being a perceived business financier at present, Fakir has moved himself into the responsibility for College in Dublin, Ireland and London, England and other training structure strewn crosswise over different nations of the world. His useful state of mind and all around mannered panache has captivated the hearts of a large group of individuals around the globe. Today even while Mr. Fakir Hossain is at the height of distinction and acknowledgment, he lives up to expectations eagerly to accomplish the potential objectives of his expert life, a characteristic that checks him unmistakably from his companions.

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    Fakir Hossain Eden College
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    Fakir Hossain’s – A Highbrow 

    After surveying Fakir Hossain professional life sincerely, it becomes as plain as a pikestaff that he is one his toes. He is among a few influential persons with rich background in IT Industry. He sticks out a mile with his unique caliber, dynamism and supreme administration. Because of the vast range of great talent, which resides within him, Fakir is able to get a better competitive edge over his competitors. Fakir Hossain is the owner of the prominent Eden College, London and various other education colleges and centers in certain parts of the world. He basically hails from Bangladesh, a married men and the father of four children.
    Fakir Hossain Eden College
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    Fakir Hossain’s Stardom 

    Fakir Hossain is reckoned to be a big player of the IT industry and one of the iconic personalities which is being celebrated with immense prestige in certain locations of the world. He is a well-educated person with huge know-how and experience in diversity of scholastic and academic domains.  He is basically a person with great intellectual capacity and he has vastly used his knowledge in different sectors of his life. Fakir Hossain knows best how to deliver best seamless results within limited turnaround. He has earned cachet and power throughout his stint and is still make hard efforts to achieve the goal of next higher level.
    Fakir Hossain Eden College
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    Fakir Hossain’s Professionalism 

    Fakir Hossain is a piece of work; it goes without saying and there is a harvest of examples that proves him so. Right from the time he embarked on his professional career, Mr. Fakir has been giving scrupulous attention to the details and is therefore able to win the trust and confidence of his peers and target audiences. Again, he has a noble disposition that helps him mightily to propel his professional career without an end and like a dream. Fakir Hossain is a mastermind person with copious knowledge and experience about dozens of professional sectors which let his peers to prize his exceptional creativity and skills. The behemoth despite at the acme of prosperity and wealth works tirelessly to achieve next levels of success.
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    Fakir Hossain Eden College
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